Crime survey

Dear Editor,

We recently completed the Algarve Resident Crime Survey and returned it to you. However, there is one thing that we were very unhappy about, and this is the fact that you have requested information only about incidents occurring in the last 12 months. 

As you are well aware, there have been many more violent crimes against British and other foreign families in the last four years, and unless these are include in the survey, a full and realistic picture will not be given. 

We ourselves were brutally attacked three years ago, and we know of 11 other families who suffered similar attacks.  At the time we were all but ignored by the police and the media too, and received no support whatsoever when it came to dealing with the many consequences.  By not giving space for us to tell of our experiences, we are once again being ignored.


Editor’s note: I am sorry to hear about your ordeal three years ago. The Resident does not ignore incidents such as this – we can only report on matters that we are aware of. The survey we have compiled was intended to bring to our readers results that are as up-to-date as possible. It was never our intention to ignore past cases