Crime spoiling Portugal’s beauty

Dear Editor,

I have been coming to the Portugal since the early 1990s, and I have had a residence here in the Algarve since 2007. I have noticed a huge increase in crime and theft, particularly the type of violent crime that is not typically inherent or characteristic to the people of Portugal.

To prevent the inevitable growth of these hideous crimes, Portugal must first acknowledge that the vast majority of attacks are carried out by immigrant cultures.

Measures to detain, deport and police these groups have to be much more rigid and, at least, as organised as the criminals are.

Portugal has become an easy target. Why? Because the police have a reputation of being under-paid, under-equipped and are generally facing a lack of any quality detection and prevention technology. Police hands are tied.  

Portugal is a beautiful place with a friendly people, but it is allowing chronic apathy and ignorance to take the country’s livelihood, reputation and pride from it. And, trust me, good people will LEAVE as quickly as they arrived. I love Portugal, and even I am selling up having been broken into twice in broad daylight.

EX-RESIDENT! (name and address withheld)