Crime prevention radio feature

Crimecheck, a new crime prevention radio feature, has been launched by Kiss FM Algarve in conjunction with Safe Communities Algarve.

David Thomas, founder of Safe Communities Algarve, said that the aim of the feature, which is scheduled to be aired at 10.10am on the first Friday of each month, is to promote safer communities, enhance security awareness and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

The first feature today (Friday) will cover such issues as crime awareness, the work of Safe Communities Algarve, the region’s only dedicated community crime prevention platform, and the Safe Residence Programme (SRP) run by the GNR.

David, who has been actively involved in promoting the SRP over the last two years, added that he was grateful to Kiss FM partnering this new venture in order to reach the widest audience in the Algarve.

Kiss Fm, the only English speaking radio station in the Algarve, stated that the Crimecheck feature is an opportunity to help the community and encourage safe behaviour, and the partnership with Safe Communities Algarve will be a plus to the listeners on a daily basis.

The first feature, and others, will be available to download through www.safecommunitiesalgarve.com – simply click on “Kiss FM – Crimecheck”.

Also read David Thomas’ ‘Safe community’ column on page 25.