Crime pays?

Dear Editor,

I was intrigued to read the article in last week’s Algarve Resident headed “Obama honours ex-Algarve fugitive”. The article goes on to say that Sue Ellen Allen had been honoured by Mrs Obama by being in the same box as the US President’s wife during the State of the Union Address. 

This was the lady, together with her husband, who had cheated many Americans in Arizona of more than one million dollars. They then changed their names to Susan and David Grammier after fleeing the USA justice system and settling in Silves where they continued in their evil ways, cheating people out of their savings by offering schemes purporting to offer very high rates of return. 

I know of one lady who lost her life savings through their schemes and another person who ‘invested’ in their plan and lost it all. 

Eventually when it got too ‘hot’ for them in Portugal they fled back to America where they served time in jail. 

Why should such evil people who destroyed other people’s lives by their completely ruthless methods be honoured by the US President’s wife? I cannot see the logic – even if they claim to have been reformed… 

Norman Thompson, Albufeira