Crime is a growing problem

Dear Editor,

I refer to the article by Eloise Walton published in the edition of October 2, ‘British couple attacked and robbed in their home’.

I was extremely angered by the patronising and disgraceful attitude of  the President of National Tourism, Luís Patrão, when he dismissed the vicious attack on an elderly residential couple as “an isolated incident and should not taint the region“.

This ‘ostrich’ attitude to the ever increasing volume of crime in the Algarve is a sure sign that the tourist agency turns a blind eye to this problem, which, if not checked, will destroy tourism in the region – and believe me, the word is spreading.

Mr Patrão should have been with me at the Albufeira police station on Monday, October 5 where, for five hours, I witnessed an army of tourists pouring out their wrath and misery after being robbed of everything of value in their hotel bedrooms, even when their valuables were secured in the wall safes provided, which were easily chiselled open.

Apart from this, reports were made of bag snatching, pick pocketing, tyres of hired cars deliberately punctured as a prelude to theft, mugging and violent theft.

Would it not be a gesture of concern for Mr Patrão to visit Mr and Mrs Pickles and make a public apology to them. The time is at hand for the tourist agency, together with the police and hotel managers, to hold a conference and find a solution to this growing problem.

John Watt


Dear Editor, 

I am dismayed to read (yet again) of a serious crime taking place in the Algarve.

While we have to be realistic, unfortunately, and appreciate that nowhere is totally crime-free, I am very concerned that this type of crime IS NOT isolated as stated in your report. 

My husband and I are planning to purchase a property in the Algarve and visit the area a couple of times a year at least. However, I have to admit to now having second thoughts – the area around Vilamoura, where we normally holiday, is getting a bad reputation for being an unsafe area. Those in authority may challenge that view to their cost.   

Wake up before it is too late and tourists stop visiting altogether. There are lots of other places in Europe we could go to.

Please don’t let these thugs get away with it. We love the Algarve but are seriously reconsidering our future there. 

Mo Knight


Dear Editor,

It is very disturbing to read of the increase in crime in the Algarve.

Having been a privileged visitor to Portugal, and the Algarve in particular, for 18 years, I must say that it would be a crime if the Portuguese authorities let a comparatively few destroy the good will that now exists between most visitors and the good people of Portugal. 

Tom Pascoe