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Dear Editor,

We are a party of 20 Welsh 50-something golfers. We have been coming to Vilamoura for seven years and enjoyed our times there very much.

But in the September period of 2010 three of our party, on separate occasions, were attacked and mugged 0n Vilamoura streets and all the police said was do not go out alone because it’s dangerous and unsafe.

We have asked the Welsh golf organisation to report these incidents to all golfers in our dear country so those who travel to Vilamoura for future golf breaks are aware of the very dangerous streets in Vilamoura.

Hence we shall be booking Turkey or Spain for our golf trips in the future… bye, bye, dangerous Vilamoura …

Kevin Reynolds, and 19 others of Bryn Meadows Golf Club, South Wales

Dear Editor,

I love the Algarve and holiday regularly in Albufeira.

Last year I stayed in the old town in a hotel adjacent to the taxi rank.

There seemed to be a lot of trouble there late at night on a regular basis.

A lot of it was caused by tourists accosting local girls, which resulted in trouble with the local lads.

I also observed some locals attacking tourists with no provocation.

All of this took place outside a police station which was closed from about 5pm.

It seems to me that if this station was manned throughout the night when the bars and clubs close, trouble would be greatly reduced.

Clive McIlwaine, By email

Dear Editor,  

The GNR are always around and appear to be always on the alert, this includes Vilamoura.

It is tragic this man has died and this is hopefully an isolated incident.

We are in Vilamoura/ Albufeira every year and we have noticed the large gang that are quite vocal.

They hang about outside the supermarket, and should be of interest to the Police in Albufeira.

I would hope this serious problem is resolved soon, as it is giving the Algarve a bad name.

John Adams MBE, By email