Crime in Algarve letter 2

Dear Editor,

My family and I have been visiting the Algarve for many years and like so many have been captivated by the area, people and culture. A couple of years ago we purchased a small plot of land near Lagos in the hope of having a house built one day and were looking forward to many happy years ahead when we retire in approximately 15 years. 

It really saddens us to read of all these incidents and quite frankly frightens us. I suppose we must get immune to these kind of daily events in the UK and like to think that it couldn’t happen in the Algarve. I do hope that this period of uncertainty and fear that is being felt at the moment will subside in the near future. 

Depending on how things are in a couple of years, we will have to decide to either proceed with building a house or sell the land and move on from the Algarve forever – a decision at the moment that is quite upsetting to even contemplate. 

Many thanks for your continued coverage on the issues and concerns. They certainly need to be highlighted as much as possible in the hope that the government will bring in some sweeping changes to root out these criminals and restore the feeling of safety in all areas of Portugal, not only the Algarve.

Graham Powell, by email