Crime escalating

Dear Editor,

I have recently returned from my 11th year in a row holidaying in the Algarve – the first five years were spent golfing in and around Alvor and the last six have all been based in Vilamoura, again, all for golf.

I travel with three other golfing friends and have had some great holidaying experiences. This all changed after one of the lads and myself were mugged on the way home in the wee small hours of last Sunday, October 4.

 We were taken by surprise from behind and the rest is history.  Suffice to say that our two assailants did the usual professional job and got away with mobile phone, wallet etc. We eventually got the police to listen to our story (about two hours later), but they do not act on any such crimes unless the victim(s) attend hospital and initiate a report.


We return home battered and bruised and much wiser on the “underbelly” of life after midnight in Vilamoura.  

Vincent, Alan, Paul and Tony, by email