Crime concerns – Letter #4

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on the Crime Survey idea. Last week’s issue was interesting on this problem: the Civil Governor, PR, myth, the partyline next to Karen Morgan’s experience, no interest from the GNR in a robbery, 45 minutes on “papers” NOT faulty lights, tyres, speeding or dangerous driving. That, Senhora Gomes, is reality, daily, for many. Senhora Gomes claims that GNR troops have increased by 234 – make that 2,234 and it still would make no difference. It is the SYSTEM, in business terms – no business plan, no training, management, no idea, resources wasted. THAT is the problem.

Your letters page shows the sheer fear, based on facts which we experience, daily. Senhora Gomes is isolated from reality. I bet she does not get stopped for papers! Then an advert for panic rooms with steel doors. What has happened? How does this play with overseas media, potential visitors and residents? Real problems.  

But perhaps the article on p6 about a charity illustrates the issues more than anything. I quote Senhora Serra, a Portuguese home boss: “We rely mainly on the charity of the foreign community”. Yes, so do other charities, children, dogs, bombeiros etc. The Algarve NEEDS foreign tourists/residents. Not just our charities but our economy, our future.

They will come back as the financial crisis improves, but only if we get our act together: policing, welcoming, realising that we are all part of the wonderful Algarve. Come on, Senhora Gomes et al, don’t ruin our chances, recognise the problem, the future.