Crime concerns – Letter #2

Dear Editor,

We paid a deposit on a new house in the countryside with no neighbours nearby some three years ago but did not sign the Escritura (deeds) until April 2008 and moved in one week later. While the house was built but not occupied, it was not legally our responsibility. During this period, there were five break-ins and thefts.

On one occasion, all the shutters were stolen. On another, all the windows were removed and stolen. After we signed the Escritura and paid the final amount of money, I took out insurance on the house and we moved one week later. During this week, the thieves stole the tank to the solar panel and smashed the solar panel in the process.

When I visited the police to report it, they were not interested to visit the scene of the crime or to pursue any investigations. They were reluctant to complete any documentation until I insisted and did not even record the date of the incident on the form and demanded 10 euros from me for a copy of the form!

I did not pay as I telephoned my insurance company while at the police station who said that a copy was not necessary. The police were unable to find any record of any earlier burglaries (that I was informed by the builder had been reported to the police). Some six months later, I received a letter telling me that the incident had been archived. Suffice it to say that I was not impressed and have no confidence in policing or investigations here in the Algarve.