Crime concerns – Letter #1

Dear Editor,

It is with great disappointment that I feel I have to write to you regarding our recent four week holiday in the Algarve. My husband and I were walking back to our apartment on Rua do Leste in Quarteira on January 24 when we were attacked from behind by an unknown number of attackers.

We were both grabbed in a strangle hold from behind and thrown to the floor. While I was relatively uninjured, Barry received a serious cut to his eye which resulted in him needing 10 stitches and severe bruising to his face and neck. My handbag and watch were stolen and we were extremely shocked.

I understand that rising crime is a big problem in the Algarve and that tourism is suffering as a result of this and many other similar incidents and several people who have holidayed in the region for 3/4 months at a time for several years are now saying that they will not be returning.

On a more pleasant note, I would like to praise the medical staff at Loulé hospital and in particular the very pleasant and helpful staff at Quarteira medical centre.