Credit counselling  for debtors

Portugal-based debt collection company Windsoriano Lda has introduced a service to help debtors through their association with Loulé based financial brokering company MoneyMais.

Debtors, both commercial and private, can request assistance to consolidate their debts by contacting MoneyMais’ trained counsellors, who evaluate the total debt and the debtor’s total income and outgoings.

Finance can be arranged to pay off the debtor’s debts and, according to the company, normally this restructuring results in the total monthly out-goings being less than the debtor is presently paying.

In the event where re-financing is not possible, MoneyMais acts as an intermediary with all creditors, negotiating a payment plan that is comfortable for the debtors to meet on a monthly basis.

Windsoriano’s collections general manager Fátima Costa said: “Often the debt can be settled without the debtors falling into further debt or legal action being taken.”

CEO Roy Whitehouse said: “This down turn has affected many people who have no experience of dealing with bad debt or how to manage their resources. Our initiative, as well as helping people to balance their income and debts, also aims to educate them in handling their responsibilities.”

Windsoriano Lda can be contacted by calling 707 200 571 or at 

For information about MoneyMais, please visit (available in English).