Creativity just around the bend

By SOPHIE MCCARRICK [email protected]

Studio Bongard, situated on the outskirts of the fishing village Ferragudo, is a place where an enchanting collection of ceramics, sculptures and paintings inspired by nature are created.

Artists Sylvain Bongard and Tara Cohen dedicate their energy solely to art and work together at the studio on projects to produce unique work.

The two focus on creating pieces of art that are affordable and in tune with the Algarve’s culture, while maintaining the Bongard flare.

Sylvain Bongard established Studio Bongard in 1998 with the aim of creating a magical place where he can be inspired and welcome guests into a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

His work captivates nature’s details and uses colourful techniques to achieve art with impact.

Art that looks like it’s been retrieved from the bottom of the ocean.
Art that looks like it’s been retrieved from the bottom of the ocean.

Artist Tara Cohen communicates through art to express her well travelled background. She presents her vision of everyday life by using clay, ceramics and most favourably paper and pencil.

At the studio, tile painting ideas are absorbed from an aesthetic sense of colours and forms that are found in natural surroundings. Tile work is separated into clients’ decoration wishes that are made to order and tile art that is painted through the artist’s personal visions and conceptions for the individual piece.

Drawings from the studio consist of graphite pencil, charcoal, coloured pencil and pastel on paper. Work is inspired by colours found in natural areas and are built through imagination and memory.

Submerged art

The Submerged Art collection by Sylvain consists of sculptures that are entirely hand-crafted and that invoke a close relationship with the ocean. Modern and antique items used in everyday life are here displayed as second life objects that suggest that they have been retrieved from the bottom of the ocean.

Small traditional items have recently been added to the art work available, with the aim of being wall art that is able to be hung and as gift ideas for residents here in the Algarve or to send out of the country to present an essence of Portugal.

Fun star fish objects that make ideal Portugal souvenirs.
Fun star fish objects that make ideal Portugal souvenirs.

This project includes items such as a collection of red, real size apples and sardines that hold historical importance for Portugal.

Star fish objects are described as being a fun item as they come with an attached small story to read. All of these handmade pieces are made of stoneware with a porcelain inlay and are glazed with a starting price of €15.

For more information about Studio Bongard, please visit www.studiobongard.com, contact 282 461 383 / 968 362 930 or email [email protected]