Creative ideas for your garden

news: Creative ideas for your garden

SUNSET GARDENS is a garden landscaping and maintenance company, with over 15 years experience, supported by a team of professionals. Operating since 1987 in the US, it has, from the beginning of 2002, been established in the Algarve, with offices in the Zona Industrial de Vilamoura.

The Sunset Gardens’ team of professionals offers an ample variety of services, applying creative ideas for the best use of space. It is their goal to create projects that offer a better fit for each particular site, creating a space that is attractive, private, comfortable and enjoyable.

The purpose of each project begins with the understanding of the needs and objectives of their clients and ends with their complete satisfaction. The vast diversity of projects they have completed is the mirror of quality and professionalism their work provides. Using the best equipment available in a today’s market allows them to accomplish each project timely and efficiently.

Sunset Gardens offer a wide range of services:

• Garden maintenance (lawn mowing, maintenance of flower-beds and so on)

• Planting of flowers, shrubs and trees

• Transplanting of large trees and plants

• Installation of irrigation/drainage systems

• Construction of decorative stone walls, retaining walls

• Execution of stone patios, paved patios, walkways

• Rock gardens

• Construction of waterfalls/ponds

Whether you need help beautifying a space, solving a problem area or simply using their maintenance services, you can always rely on Sunset Gardens.