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“Created in Faro” photo exhibition shows “who does what” in the Algarve’s capital

The photographs of industrial companies based in Faro are on show in the Manuel Bivar Garden until December 15.

Inaugurated yesterday, the “Created in Faro” exhibition reveals portraits of nine industrial companies based in Faro, photographed by nine professionals. Through their lens, they reveal the protagonists and production chain of businesses that boast historical ties with the industry, many of which are family-owned.

The project created by The Algarve’s Free Association of Photographers (ALFA) aims to show that there is more in the Algarve’s capital than tourism companies. “The vast majority are over 50 years old,” and in all, employ 700 people, says the President of the Association.

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Carlos Cruz explains that the exhibition will be held in an open space, displayed on panels in the Manuel Bivar Garden in Faro. They will showcase a variety of companies, including one that transforms carob, another that makes pressed stoppers for whiskey bottles sold worldwide, and even some working in construction and energy. “Each one features in four, five or six photographs revealing its production process until distribution”, he adds.

The exhibition opened on August 11 and is on show until December 15.

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