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Create your own ‘azulejo’

A tile painting workshop by local Swiss artist Sylvain Bongard is taking place at the Vale d’Oliveiras Quinta Resort & Spa, near Carvoeiro, tomorrow (Saturday) from 11am.

Participants will have the opportunity to create their own personal ‘azulejo’, the Portuguese ceramic tile that can be found everywhere in Portugal from church walls, monasteries and palaces to ordinary houses, park seats, fountains and railway stations.

They often portray scenes from the history of the country, show its most ravishing sights or simply serve as street signs or nameplates.

The term azulejo comes from the Arabic word “az-zulayj”, meaning “polished stone”, and the term was brought to Portugal by the Moors.

Although they are not a Portuguese invention (the use of glazed tiles began in Egypt), they have been used more imaginatively and consistently in Portugal than in any other nation.

Sylvain Bongard has lived in the Algarve since 1970 and his collection of ceramics, azulejos, sculpture and paintings are all inspired by nature.

The tiles created during the workshop will be taken to the ceramic bake oven at Sylvain Bongard’s studio  in Ferragudo and delivered to the resort the next day.

Cost per person including materials is €30, with the workshop lasting approximately two hours.

For further information or bookings, please call the resort at 282 380 560.