Crash tests fire crew

This three car pile up on the access road to Quarteira, near the roundabout to Loulé’s industrial zone, was organised as part of the recent International Civil Protection Day. Officers from the National Fire and Civil Protection Service rushed to the simulated event to rescue the ‘injured’ drivers and ensure that there was no possibility of a fire at the scene.

Comandante José Faísca, who is responsible for civil protection in Loulé, confirmed that the initiative had achieved all its objectives. “As well as commemorating the international event, we were able to practise our rescue procedure so that we will be able to react more speedily and professionally in a real situation,” he commented.

Faísca said that he believed that there was still room for improvement, particularly in terms of communication between those on the scene. However, he went on to say, “in a real situation, things would go a bit better. The adrenaline is pumping and you are more concentrated on the objective.”

Regarding the speed of response of emergency vehicles, Faísca confirmed that the team had achieved their target of arriving on the scene within seven and eight minutes of receiving the call.

In total, the accident involved 26 firefighters, three ambulances, several specialist vehicles and the Loulé rescue helicopter.