Crackers COVID-21 Christmas

Dear Editor,

We have read with some trepidation your lead article by Michael Bruxo with front-page headline “Operation Save Christmas” (pages 1-3 Algarve Resident, November 18).

In this valued avenue of information, your reporter relays statements by the Portuguese authorities to Algarve’s English-speaking readership. This article, however, cites a catalogue of crackpot statements by government politicians and “specialists” that are supportive of more public spending and restrictions for a futile objective of Sars-Cov-2 virus suppression. Far from seeking to “save Christmas”, some sleazy politicians and their charlatan “specialists” appear more intent on saving their COVID-19 industry.

The doom-laden quotations on page 2 begin with Socialist Party PM referring to “arrival of pandemic fifth wave… rising case numbers”. As we pointed out to Resident readers last July, however, (, continuing the policies ‘test, trace, jab’ will produce evermore false-positive waves especially in the flu seasons.

It is not the COVID -19 virus that causes rising case numbers. It is the false positive PCR tests that go ‘viral’ when seasonal flu arrives, and contacts of false-positive testee then get tested. The vaccines also liberate immune-system exosomes that trigger false positives.

PCR-testing is a lucrative industry created by politicians. So also is the ineffective (at best!) COVID-vaccination industry, which even the “specialists” in your report admit has failed.

The article then quotes Minister for Employment, Solidarity and Social Security who “wants mandatory teleworking”, with hundreds of thousands of government public service employees staying home, on full salary, living the ‘life of Riley’. Here, the 1st Law of Socialism kicks in: “Industries created by politicians with taxpayers’ money are ever increasingly inefficient”. They eventually exist to benefit employees, not the people they were created to serve.

The COVID-19 industries of false-positive testing, ineffective jabbing, and public service employees ‘working’ from home are corollaries.

The Resident article goes on to quote government “specialists”. First up is Portuguese General Medical Council. They have issued a “staunch warning” seeking to “change from state of alert to state of alarm”. An efficient national health service ought to be in a state of alert in winter flu-season anyhow. “Alarm”, however, is propaganda. We learn, moreover, they have appointed a “Crisis Officer”. If there is no crisis, there is no job! Not surprisingly, he calls for “new (crisis sic) lockdown measures”, and so it goes on.

Specialist virologist Pedro Simas reportedly claimed that “specialists (like himself sic) have played a key role”, but then admits the vaccination programme has failed. Now, he says, we need new, more effective vaccines.

Next up is specialist-immunologist Professor Manuel Santos Rosa from Coimbra. His message for government is “be patient and wait for the second generation of vaccines”. But, meanwhile, everybody must keep paying for false positive PCR testing and ineffective vaccination programme with booster jabs of the failed vaccine and, not least, “specialist” expenses/fees.

The COVID-19 industry is producing ever-more false COVID outbreaks, numerous excess deaths of all respiratory, and some other, illnesses, damage to the economy and social discontent.

The only way to end the spiral of false alarms is to immediately stop all vaccinations and PCR-testing. We need to return to zero political interference.

Besides restoring all our civil liberties, this will eliminate the extra mortality due to wrong Covid diagnostics, wrongful treatment of pneumonia patients, and cross-transmission of pathogens in the hospital environment. This will also eliminate the COVID-19 fallout mortality, 10-100 times greater than the tiny COVID mortality.

These are excess deaths due to suspended treatment of all other pathologies, imposed by redirecting public medical facilities towards the fight against a fictitious threat. Meanwhile, science must return to the basic scientific method, and identify the, yet to be determined, specific genotype of Sars-Cov-2, and stop the ascendancy of pseudoscience in ‘research’ funding.

One glimmer of hope from your article is the statement by President Marcelo. He said we should “put in perspective” the 20 deaths (of anybody within one month of a PCR-positive) out of less than 1,700 cases (also defined by total PCR-positives), in a population of more than 10 million. Bravo! The President knows what’s going on. Let’s hope he can act as true statesman in Portugal’s interest and stamp out authoritarian malpractices of sleazy government politicians and be the real saviour of Christmas.

Igor Khmelinskii, Peter Stallinga and Leslie Woodcock,
Faculty of Science and Technologies, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal
[email protected]

Disclaimer: This letter expresses the personal opinions of its authors, and not of the University.