CR7’s new baby is born

It’s another moment for one of those ‘happy CR7 family poses’ – and this time it’s to welcome the latest edition to the clan: Alana Martina, the Portuguese football star’s second daughter, fourth child and third baby to arrive on the scene in a matter of months.

“We’re all very happy”, says the caption to the picture.

Alana is the first daughter of Ronaldo and his partner Georgina (“Geo”) Rodriguez, and was born earlier today (Sunday).

The full caption was “Alana Martina has just been born! Both Geo and Alana are really well! We’re all really happy!”

In the picture is an incredibly happy looking new mum, CR7 and his ‘mini-me’ son Cristianinho, and a little bundle which must be the baby.

More details no doubt will follow tomorrow.

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