CR7 to be a father… again!

With twins apparently on the way via a second surrogate (the first having given birth to six-year-old CR7-lookalike ‘Cristianinho’), Portugal’s football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo looks set to have his hands full with news of a third baby now on the way.

Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez- tipped to become Sra ‘Ronaldo’ very soon – has been photographed with a definite bump, and it is now widely accepted that the Aveiro ‘clan’ is booming.

Meantime, news of the twins has ‘gone all quiet’.

In March, they were “due very soon” (click here). In April, reports suggested Georgina (“Gio”) would be the one to look after them, and now… no news source seems to be saying anything about them at all.

The story originated from an exclusive in the UK Sun. Fans have since trashed the claims, saying the Sun is “known to publish false news, especially about Cristiano Ronaldo’s private life”.

The all-time Real Madrid goalscorer and legend in his own lifetime has neither confirmed nor denied the reports, and if the twins do not exist it will certainly spare mum-to-be Gio from a lot of sleepless nights.

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Photo: https://www.facebook.com/Cristiano