CR7 red card referee suspended for a month

CR7 red card referee suspended for a month ( w/ video )

The Spanish referee who gave Cristiano Ronaldo a red card in a match between Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, has been suspended and banned from any further Real Madrid matches this season. It’s even mooted that Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez may drop a UEFA referee category altogether.
It didn’t take long for the CTA, the Spanish League’s Refereeing Technical Committee to pronounce on Gámez’ professional gaff.
He ordered CR7 off the pitch for allegedly assaulting Ander Iturraspe and raising his hand to Bilbao captain Carlos Gurpegi during a Spanish League match at the weekend.
Nonetheless, Cristiano Ronaldo will still be facing a three-match long suspension from Spanish league games, the committee confirmed.
Have a look at the video in the link below to see if you agree with his decision, or if you think CTA were right to show him their version of a red card…