Cows take to beach at Vila do Conde

No, it’s not a quirky Portuguese tradition. In a summer where we have had wild boar descending on the beaches of Arrábida, the above photo – being shared widely over social media this morning – gives a peek at the upset in Vila do Conde yesterday when two young cows on their way to an agricultural show slipped their constraints and went walkabout.

The animals not only ended up on the beach, one went for a paddle – seemingly bemused by all the fuss but not sure what to do next.

Said ports captain José Marques Coelho: “It was a complicated situation, particularly on the beach where there was still a lot of people” (who rapidly withdrew, gathering towels and picnics in haste).

“One of the animals ended up causing damage to beach-support property, slightly injuring one person”, Coelho added.

But the incident ended with both cows back in place, in time for “Portugal Rural feira de Atividades Agrícolas” today (Friday), the theme of which by happy coincidence is “touristic activity and leisure around agricultural businesses”.

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