Covid update Portugal: new spike in deaths and cases

Just as Portugal is gearing up for an ‘almost normal’ Christmas in terms of mobility and restrictions on families meeting, new numbers threaten to put a major spanner in the works.

Today’s figures show the highest death count since the start of the pandemic (95 people in a 24 hour period) and a major spike in the number of new cases detected (+5,080).

The number of people in hospital has dipped slightly (by 74 people) but this could be accounted for within the death toll.

In terms of recoveries (4,100), these were below the number of new cases detected. Thus the number of active cases is ‘up again’, to 71,300.

This is all doubly worrying in terms of what the country has been expecting for Christmas (click here).

PM Costa did outline a number of major concessions for the holiday period earlier this month, but he stressed they were all dependent on the situation in Portugal ‘improving’ as it seemed to be doing at the time.

Data for the last couple of days has not maintained this positive trajectory . though for the time being consequences are not being drawn. Reports are concentrating on how today’s death toll is the highest since Covid-19 was officially recognised as active on Portuguese territory.

The ‘D-Day’ for decisions on how Portugal will face the festive season is next Friday, December 18.

For a breakdown of today’s data click here

The majority of deaths were registered in the north (41) as were the majority of new infections (2,395).

Next followed deaths in Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo (32) with 1,618 new infections; 16 deaths in the central region, with 787 new infections; two deaths in the Alentejo with 193 new infections (well down on yesterday’s tally) and finally the Algarve, also with two deaths and 66 new infections.

Madeira and Azores – autonomous regions with strict entry controls that have seen a vastly reduced impact of the virus up till now – have both registered one death each in the last 24 hour period, although the number of new infections is very low (just five and 16 respectively).