Covid round-up Portugal: second adolescent dies in less than a week

A second fatality between the ages of 10-19 has been registered in Portugal in less than a week.

The first, in the north, was a 19-year-old girl with multiple pathologies. The second was a boy. Details on his condition prior to contracting Covid-19 have not yet been released.

Latest statistics record another 75 deaths in the last 24-hours, the majority of them patients in their 70s and 80s (+19 and +47 respectively) and in the north and Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo areas (+31 and +27).

Active case numbers too have risen again – once more taking Portugal over the 70,000-mark.

Good news? Numbers in hospital have reduced for the fourth day running – by 81 patients in the last 24-hours.

Bearing in mind there were 87 deaths yesterday, it doesn’t suggest numbers are down because people have left hospital fully recovered, but it does show perhaps that less new patients are being admitted.

The number of new cases ‘flagged’ by test centres is 4,336. The number of people deemed to have recovered (most if not all of these will have recovered in their own homes after testing positive, not necessarily showing symptoms) are 3,662.

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Leader writer João Vaz has commented today that the nation’s obsession in counting the dead has had its time. “Enough of counting the infected, those interned in hospitals and the dead” he writes in Correio da Manhã this morning.

“We are all frightened of dying and want to prolong life that we know is limited by as long as possible”, he said – but now is the time to think of the living: “the social and economic reality, personal relationships, collective involvement, people’s conditions, employment, subsistence… Life cannot be the only value that we believe in” was his message: “After the pandemic we have to continue fighting for more than life”.