Virologist Pedro Simas said months ago Portugal should accept SARS-CoV-2 as endemic and society up as normal

Covid restrictions: ‘no end in sight’

Authorities balk at accepting virus is endemic for almost a year

In spite of cases of SARS-CoV-2 decreasing, deaths “associated with Covid-19  have increased in the last few weeks”, and the country is currently registering 30 deaths per million inhabitants over 14 days.

As the authorities (backed by specialists) explain “this is a long way from the limit of 20 deaths (per million over 14 days) defined as the limit for lifting restrictions.

Initially this was forecast for April 3; the Situation of Alert has since been extended to April 18 – and, when all is said and done, no-one can tell WHEN consensus will be reached on accepting that SARS-CoV-2 is endemic and people need to be able to deal with it their way.

It was almost a year ago that government specialist advisors admitted SARS-CoV-2 was “probably already endemic”.

The latest deaths are in the main people over the age of 70 who have been fully-vaccinated.

Portugal remains one of the most-highly vaccinated countries in the world, with 95% of its population vaccinated.

Authorities have already admitted that a 4th dose of mRNA Covid vaccine may start being rolled out for the most vulnerable members of the population (without addressing the fact that it is precisely these individuals who continue to die from Covid-19, in spite of being vaccinated and boosted…)