A flash back to the time of Gil's arrest
A flash back to the time of Gil's arrest

Covid mandates: father-of-three finally gets his day in court

Gilad Shub felt impelled to question legality of measures that rode roughshod over civil rights

Over 17 months since the grey days of Covid restrictions, father-of-three Gilad Shub has finally seen his case come up for so-called ‘instructory debate’.

From 2.30pm next Wednesday (June 14) a judge will hear ‘the evidence’ and decide whether ‘Gil’s’ arrest for civil disobedience – and subsequent refusal to pay a fine, or perform a statutory period of community service because he did not accept the charge – should be taken forwards.

As the marine engineer told us at the time, he had no interest in drawing attention to himself. But the way he saw things playing out during the pandemic made him feel there was no other option.

When people start to rescind freedoms and dictate measures, I can’t help but go back to the 2nd World War”, he said. “I didn’t want to see my children look at me in the future and say “why did you do nothing?

In one respect, the world has moved on massively since those oppressive days. But in another, it has also heard, from so many sources that, yes, in the final analysis, lockdowns, Covid passes, the urgency for mass vaccinations that have caused thousands of injuries, were ‘overkill’.

As many concede, it will be impossible for authorities to expect populations ever to accept such treatment again.

Thus it will be very interesting to see what happens in Coimbra County Court next week.

For the full story behind Gil’s arrest click here.

The Resident will bring you an update next week, after his court hearing.

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