Covid latest Portugal: 17 deaths in last 24-hours. Further spike in hospital admissions

Portugal’s struggle with the virus has seen a further 17 deaths in the last 24-hour period, with a further spike in hospital admissions.

That said, a positive spin on today’s data has come from Diário de Notícias which explains that there are “more patients being detected with either light symptoms or no symptoms at all”.

Add to this the fact that the percentage of the last week’s positive cases coming out of the country’s intense testing regime shows a 6.4% rate of positives found, as opposed to the 9% being detected back in April.

Positive spin however is not the focus of most reports which are leading on the fact that the country has now ‘exceeded the barrier of 100,000 infections since the pandemic began’ (still, that is only 1% of the population).

As to the breakdown of where deaths and infections have been identified, this is again most in the north (over 50% of the total with 987 new infections), followed by Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo (+749, or 38.4% of new infections), the central region (+133), Alentejo (+35), Algarve (+32) and trailed by the Azores (+7) and Madeira (+6).

Deaths too have been in the north (12), Lisbon/Vale do Tejo (3), centre (2).

Ages so far have not been given but set against a daily death toll of roughly 300, the deaths from Covid-19 are still minuscule.

Another ‘plus point’ is that today’s DGS health authority press conference insisted that “in spite of the difficulties, the SNS health service is fully prepared to respond”.

In hospital right now are 1,174 people (88 more than registered in Sunday’s press conference), of which 165 are in ICUs (again, 10 more than announced on Sunday).