Covid-19: Private hospital group HPA Saúde announces contingency plan

Covid-19: Private hospital group HPA Saúde announces contingency plan

Private hospital group HPA Saúde – which runs four hospitals in Portimão, Alvor, Faro and Lagos as well as multiple clinics – has announced a contingency plan due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The group says that it has set up a series of triage stations at all of its units.

Several “exterior isolation and containment” structures have also been set up at the group’s hospitals and some of its clinics.

Although the group’s health units do not have an infectology department and are not equipped to carry out any coronavirus tests, the group says it is committed to “safeguarding the safety of all its clients and employees, as well as providing assistance in any way it can to the national health service (SNS)”.

Thus anyone entering any HPA hospital or clinic must be submitted to a triage, while each patient is only allowed one visitor at a time, preferably the same person every time.

There is also a safety procedure planned if a suspected case of Covid-19 infection arises.

The group says that people who are suspected to be infected with the virus will be immediately isolated, following the guidelines set by the national health board (DGS).

With these measures, HPA Saúde hopes to ensure that patient entering the group’s care for medical appointments, surgeries, treatments or any other form of medical care is “safe”.

“We want to collaborate in this national effort to contain the pandemic and mitigate all of its effects,” the group says in a statement.

It adds: “We want to keep our units open with the needed safety and tranquillity, but to do so requires the necessary commitment from everyone.”