Covid-19: Portugal registers five deaths with complete vaccinations

In a day when very little seems to have made sense, DGS health authorities have confirmed that five people have died in Portugal with Covid-19 after both shots of vaccine.

Four of the five deaths were in people over the age of 80.

Of the approximately two million people in Portugal who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 for more than 14 days, there are 1,231 registered cases of infection. Of these 37% were aged 80 and over, and 8% were between 70-79. The remainder of cases were “distributed in other age groups”.

Of the 1,231 cases of infection, 26 people were admitted to hospital principally for Covid-19, 17 for a secondary diagnosis. Of those admitted principally for Covid-19, 77% were over the age of 80.

Genetic sequencing of the virus in those admitted to hospital after both doses of vaccine is now likely – just to establish what mutation is at play. For now, it would seem most likely these people have contracted the Delta (Indian) variant, which is in community transmission in Lisbon.

Regarding the deaths, Expresso writes that DGS stresses: “vaccine efficacy is very elevated but it is not 100% which is why we continue to recommend measures of precaution”.

Meantime, the numbers in hospital and in ICUs are increasing – and have been for the last five days.

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