Covid-19 Portugal: more good news as over 46,500 ‘recover’ from active infections since Monday

Precisely 46,573 people have recovered since Monday from ‘active Covid-19 infections’. 

On a day when the DGS health bulletin delivers the lowest death count for weeks (149 people), as well as one of the lowest daily totals for new infections (2,854), reports are stressing that “more than 1,000 people have left hospital this week”.

This is actually a little confusing: 876 of those people left hospital because they died.

But what the numbers are showing are that pressure is indeed lifting, albeit slowly and nowhere near significantly enough to ease restrictions.

The country is braced for another 8pm curfew this evening, confining everyone back to the borough of their residence only to be allowed out again from 5am on Monday morning.

The few shops still open will be closing early for the next couple of days. Police will once again be out in force ensuring that citizens ‘stick with all the rules’.

But a great deal more ‘hope’ is in the air: the sun started shining for a start, and will apparently keep shining all weekend; the great EU ‘bazooka’ of post-pandemic funding is closer to arriving – and forecasters are suggesting tourism will show a “significant bounce-back” once lockdowns are lifted.

In numbers, every region of the country is performing as it has for the last few weeks: the worst affected is Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo (+1,366 new infections, 64 deaths), followed by the north (+720 new infections, 35 deaths), the centre (+427 new infections, 32 deaths), the Alentejo (+142 new infections, 10 deaths) and the Algarve (+109 new infections, 7 deaths).

The Azores is leading the way as always with only 16 new infections, no deaths; Madeira not doing so well with 74 new infections, one death.

The overall situation is that now 15,034 people have died since the start of the pandemic with Covid-19 present. Of these tragic deaths, 13,500 were over the age of 70; 10,000 were over the age of 80. The vast majority of all deaths have been described as in people suffering from ‘compound morbidities’, or otherwise immuno-compromised.

And while 15,034 people have sadly lost their lives, 652,739 have recovered – 7,617 of them in the last 24-hours.