Covid-19 in Portugal: strong fall in hospital admissions for 3rd day running

Thursday February 11 has shown another ‘strong fall in hospital admissions for Covid-19’ in Portugal.

After all the dire predictions of ICUs topping 1,000 patients, the reality today is that there are 259 less patients in hospitals up and down the country, and 17 less patients in ICUs.

Deaths at 167 are ‘lower than recent figures’, while the number of new infections is edging towards the 2,000 mark suggested by experts as the moment when the country could start reopening for business.

In total today, new infections came in at 3,480. Compared to the same time a week ago (when they were 7,914) and Thursday two weeks ago (16,432), it shows how transmission is reducing by roughly half every seven days.

Recoveries (people no longer testing positive) are also maintaining the tendency to far outweigh new infections. In the last 24-hour period there were 8,263 recoveries.

Says SIC, recoveries have been exceeding the number of new cases for the last 11 days.

All this good news has brought the total for  ‘active infections’ (people testing positive, most of them recovering at home) down by almost another 5,000 since yesterday, to 118,362.

To put the progress into perspective, a week ago, the active case count in Portugal was 161,442. Two weeks ago it was 180,076.

With pressure mounting for the government to start relieving restrictions, results like this – if they continue in the same downward direction – will very likely force a decision at the next pandemic review (in just under two weeks time). 

Looking at today’s bulletin, the situation around the capital remains ‘the worst’: 1,846 new cases of Covid-19 and another 86 deaths. Next comes the north with 709 new cases, 39 deaths; the centre – 518 new cases, 22 deaths; the Alentejo – 101 new cases, 11 deaths and finally the Algarve – 148 new cases, 6 deaths.

The Azores continues to be Portugal’s ‘poster child’ for weathering the pandemic: just 6 new cases, no deaths. Madeira has not been so lucky, with 152 new cases and 3 deaths in the last 24-hours.

Pressure on the hospitals is nothing like the scenario recently predicted (click here). There are currently 5,570 people in the nation’s State hospitals, 837 of which are in ICUs.

The total number of ‘Covid-related’ deaths’ in Portugal since the start of the pandemic has been 14,885, while 645,122 people have been deemed to have recovered from Covid-19 infections.