Covela - An expressive Arinto

Covela – An expressive Arinto

Arinto is an indigenous Portuguese white variety of high acidity that produces steely dry wines that work great with seafood.
The grape is often used in blends, specifically to add acidity and balance to the fruitiness of other grape varieties. It works well for instance with chardonnay grown in our warm climate.
But as a varietal it has a strong following, the most famous wines traditionally being those of Bucelas to the north of Lisbon.
One of the most interesting Arintos I have tried for some time, however, is this one from the Covela winery, technically in the Vinho Verde region of the Minho but actually on the northern bank of the Douro.
This small winery has long produced some of Portugal’s most interesting white wines and this Arinto, priced at €7.99 in Apolónia, is no exception; fresh and vibrant with citric and soft floral notes on the nose, zesty fruit in the mouth and a long clean finish.
By PATRICK STUART [email protected]