João Rendeiro leaving a police station in Durban, South Africa - Photo: LUÍS MIGUEL FONSECA/LUSA

Cousins of indebted ex-banker sought… to pay €38 million fine

In one of the most surreal news stories of the day Público suggests that the Public Prosecutors Office and the State are actually “looking for the cousins of João Rendeiro (who committed suicide in South Africa last year) to pay his debt of €38 million”. It doesn’t sound like the cousins will, in fact, have to do more than renounce any claims they may have to João Rendeiro’s ‘estate’. This is what the dead man’s widow has done, and this way Maria Jesus Rendeiro has bypassed any debts. As other media reports stress, the State has already seized works of art belonging to Mr Rendeiro, four properties, various bank accounts and at least 1.5 million euros in cash.