Court vetoes bid to suspend 18 police accused of racist aggression

The dismal issue of police violence in a socially-deprived neighbourhood of Lisbon has moved to a new level today as Sintra magistrates are reported to have refused the public ministry attempt to suspend 18 agents.

The bid, lodged earlier this month, was made in the interests of “public safety and tranquility”.

Explained reports, prosecutors felt both were at risk if the agents were allowed to stay at their posts.

However Sintra court blocked the moves, retaining the original bail terms, which involve the accused residing at their home addresses (the lightest of all bail stipulations).

As national media has reiterated, the situation centres on various alleged crimes of aggression against six black youths at Alfragide police station in Cova da Moura in 2015.

The incident was the subject of a BBC documentary months before the ‘wheels of Portuguese justice’ even began turning (click here).

Even now, the 18 ‘arguidos’ have yet to be given a trial date.

To recap, they have been accused of “torture, kidnap, injury and qualified offences to physical integrity” as well as “cruel and degrading treatment” of the six youths, and falsification of documents (referring to official reports on the incident).

Today’s news means at least that the policemen and women can all go on working and receiving their salaries.

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