“Courage!”: 31 ‘personalities’ call for new left-wing alliance to give Portugal the stability it needs

With tomorrow signalling the moment ‘politics’ will grab centre-stage in the run up to elections on January 30, a group of 31 Portuguese ‘personalities’ have appealed for a new left-wing alliance.

Among signatories are former Communist leader Carlos Brito, legendary ‘captain’ of the 1974 Revolution Carlos Matos Gomes, former Socialist (MP Pedro Bacelar de Vasconcelos) and the doctor brother of former Portuguese president Jorge Sampaio.

The gist of the appeal is for a new ‘geringonça’ of PS, BE, PCP and PEV – but this time one where intentions are sealed with written agreements.

Says the text, presented in the form of a petition (click here), the alliance should be formed “immediately after the elections of January 30” irrespective of the results of each party.

The intention is to “constitute a parliamentary majority and government whose purpose is to apply indispensable measures to improve the well-being of the population”.

The differences which led to Portugal’s political crisis (rejection of the State Budget just over two months ago) will need to be “overcome, corrected and resolved”, but according to the 31, “only the convergence of the centre-left and the left” can bring “better conditions of life to everyone and promote the development of the country”.

“If we anticipate the electoral results by launching this appeal to the parties that are in a position to carry it out, it is because we are confident that a parliamentary majority with the political conditions to make it viable will continue to exist in the Assembly of the Republic. COURAGE! is, therefore, what is required of those who can decide on the country’s destinies in the next four years, always from an intergenerational perspective”.

The petition has been launched as political battle-wagons are lining up. Jornal de Notícias ‘exclusive’ this evening is the headline: “Costa will attack inexperience of Rui Rio in the electoral campaign”. It is going to be a rollercoaster of a month, whatever happens with Omicron/ Covid-19.

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