Couple walk unhurt from airplane horror

A Lisbon couple lived through what for many would have been an end-of-life experience when the small plane they were flying in developed mechanical trouble over Alcácer do Sal.
En-route from Portimão to Cascais, the pilot attempted a crash landing at Comporta aerodrome, but the lurching plane flipped over and landed upside down in a rice field beside the village of Possanco.
Incredibly, the pilot and his passenger – husband and wife, both in their 30s – struggled out of the plane unaided, both of them refusing medical assistance, while rescue teams struggled to staunch a fuel leak.
The couple, reported to live in Oeiras, did not want to give any further details but were understood to have rented the plane for their journey.
The accident is now being investigated by the Office for the Prevention and Investigation of airplane accidents.