Couple knifed to death in Sangalhos, Aveiro

In the latest killing that falls under the dismal umbrella of domestic violence, a Sangalhos couple has been knifed to death by a man who has now turned himself in to police.

Jorge Costa, 48, has been described in media reports today as a man who could not accept that his ex-wife had moved on with her life.

Believed to have been as many as six months pregnant with her new partner’s child, the body of Aidê Costa was found by neighbours who were alerted by the woman’s screams yesterday morning and then saw a bald man running from the property, carrying a knife.

Witness Paulo Cardoso told Correio da Manhã that in a bedroom neighbours discovered the body of Aidê’s partner, Carlos Miguel Cardoso.

It was a “macabre, very frightening scenario” that has left the community in shock.

PJ police mounted a reconstruction in the hours following the double murder, and Jorge Costa is due to appear before a magistrate later today (Friday).

Meantime, the bodies are to be autopsied and with confirmation expected over Aidê’s state of pregnancy.

According to CM, Jorge Costa has remained “without emotion” following the attack – simply handing in the knife, his bloody clothes and “helping police with the reconstruction”.

Costa has not given a reason for the attack, adds CM.

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