Couple found dead

Back in February The Resident reported the disappearance of Renate Jörk and Eric Klooster, who had abandoned a rented Renault Clio near Budens, leaving no clues as to their whereabouts. Now, almost two months after the couple first disappeared, they have been discovered in an advanced state of decomposition in an area of dense woodland between Budens and Vila do Bispo, a mere 400 metres from the car they abandoned on January 18.

The couple were found lying next to each other by two people picking mushrooms, who immediately alerted the Vila do Bispo GNR. A police spokesman revealed that Eric Klooster was found with a 6.35 pistol near his hand and that all evidence indicates that this was a suicide pact. After shooting Renate in the head, Eric probably turned the gun on himself and fired one shot under his chin.

Speaking to The Resident, Wim Nutgeren, a close friend to both Eric and Renate, revealed that he had identified the bodies at Portimão hospital last week and has been in contact with the families of both the deceased. “Ingebaorg and Judith Klooster, Eric’s daughters, are both utterly distraught,” he explained. “They were both living in the hope that the pair would be found alive.” Detlef Jörk, Renate’s son, is also devastated and angry that this happened. “It is a complete mystery”, Wim said. “Detlef feels nothing but confusion about why his mother joined this man in a suicide pact.”

Wim explained that none of the family and friends he has been in contact with can understand why the couple would want to die and although initial reports suggested the pair may have taken their lives, neither of their families will accept it. He went on to reveal that both families feel relief that the ordeal is over and can finally be put to rest. “No-one will ever forget them and will ever understand what was going through their minds on that fateful day, but at least now the suspense and mystery is over and everyone can try to recover,” he commented.

Although initial reports suggest that the couple committed suicide, their deaths are still under investigation and a spokesman from the Polícia Judiciária would not comment on any of the case details.