Couple found dead in apparent ‘murder-suicide’ in Lagoa

A couple was found dead in their house in Lagoa on Saturday afternoon in what is believed to have been a gruesome case of murder-suicide.

Authorities were called to the scene after neighbours saw blood spilling out from underneath the house’s front door on Rua do Infantário near the Lagoa Sol urbanisation.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã reports that 42-year-old Nuno Guerreiro is believed to have killed his partner, 48-year-old Lúcia Rodrigues, by shooting her with a shotgun in a “drunken fit of jealousy”. He is then believed to have shot himself in the face with the same shotgun.

The bodies were found inside the house near the front door. In fact, firefighters had to break a window to get in as the bodies were reportedly blocking the door.

The couple worked for the local council – the man worked for the municipal waste collection service while the woman was a cleaner.

Neighbours and co-workers were described as “shocked” by the horrific tragedy, telling CMTV that the man showed no signs of being violent despite reports that he was “often violent and became jealous when drunk”.

PJ police have taken over the investigation and are said to be searching the house as well as the three vehicles the man owned.