Counterfeit euro print shop taken down

Polícia Judiciária, working closely with Europol, have dismantled an organised crime group’s illegal counterfeit euro print shop and arrested five.

On February 7 in Porto, police arrested five Portuguese citizens, aged between 17 and 31, who are suspected of producing and distributing fake euro banknotes in various denominations. The suspects were previously involved in a counterfeiting network which was dismantled by Portuguese Police in 2008.

As well as the arrests, Portuguese authorities seized €30,000 in €20 and €50 denomination notes. Various printing equipment and tools used for the production of the counterfeits, such as inkjet printers, hot foil stamping dies, holograms, inks, paper and printing plates, were also seized. The raid was the culmination of an extensive operation that has been ongoing for eight months. Source: Europol