‘Counterfeit drugs not a problem in Portugal’

THE INSTITUTO Nacional da Farmácia e do Medicamento (INFARMED), the Portuguese national institute of pharmacies and medicine, has declared that the falsification of drugs, a matter raised by the Ordem dos Enfermeiros, the council for the order of doctors, “is not an issue in Portugal or in EuropePortugal’s Ordem dos Enfeirmeiros recently declared, in a debate about security of medicines, that a tenth of all commercial medicines in the world are counterfeits and issued a warning about the problem.

According to a statement from INFARMED, “the worry of the Ordem dos Enfermeiros is based on communications from the World Health Organisation that have been focusing, since the beginning of the month, “on particular concerns in determined areas in the world, which do not make reference to the European Union”.

“In what concerns the verification of medicine quality, Portugal is part of a European system for the control and security of medicine,” explained INFARMED, highlighting the fact that the guarantee is assured not only by the Institute, but by the regulating authority, factories, distributors, pharmacies, health services and health professionals.