Countdown to BLiP Expo Online has begun! (with video)

In order to support the businesses “that so many of us depend on”, afpop, organisers of Better Living in Portugal Exhibition (BLiP Expo), have taken the exhibition to the internet this year.

In a new format due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s BLiP Expo will be online between October 24 and November 1, bringing “the best of Portugal” directly to you, in the comfort of your own home.

Speaking to the Resident recently, afpop CEO Michael Reeve said: “There will be no cost to be part of it. What we want is to support businesses that have supported BLiP.”

Businesses will be able to upload their own videos, posters, text and links to the website or online shops as well as banners with their own social media pages.
Exhibitors will even have the option to change their stand every day.

“If an exhibitor wants to promote two different products each day, they can do it, they can change the stand as often as they want,” Reeve told us.

There are exhibitors in many categories: arts and literature; clothing and accessories; communication and computers; construction and property; finance, taxation and currency exchange; food and drink; funeral services; health and beauty; heating and cooling; home décor; homes and gardens; information; insurance; languages; legal services; sports and leisure; tourism … and more are being added as the opening of BLiP Expo approaches (see presentation video below).

“With many of the exhibitors having offers for visitors to the online expo and the event being online for nine days, 24 hours a day, there are plenty of reasons to visit the website and plenty of time for you to go back as often as you wish – particularly as many exhibitors will be changing their ‘stand’ regularly during the event,” say organisers.

“Tell your friends – everything they need will be in one place and open 24 hours a day.”

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BLiP Expo Online –

Last year’s BLiP Expo was attended by thousands of visitors. This year, organisers did what they could to make sure BLiP goes ahead in spite of Covid-19 restrictions, hence the decision to hold the event online