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Councils announce green initiatives

Two Algarve councils have announced environmentally friendly initiatives in a bid to alert consumers of the need to recycle.

Lagos council now has five oleões, special bins for the deposition of used domestic cooking oil, located along the city’s Avenida dos Descobrimentos Portugueses, Rua Filarmónica 1° Maio, Estrada do Biker, Rua Fernando Pessoa and Rua Vasco da Gama.

Used cooking oil, olive oil and edible fats can be collected at home using a plastic bottle, which is then deposited in the oil bins.

Meanwhile, Portimão’s municipal water and residues centre (EMARP) now has a designated container for the collection and recycling of old electrical appliances.

Equipment that can be deposited in the Depositrão, as the container is called, includes small electrical appliances such as hair driers, coffee machines, mobile telephones, computers, cameras, printers, clocks and much more.

Alternatively, simply take old and unwanted electrical items to the Depositrão at the EMARP, located along Rua José António Marques, 17, which is open from 8.30am until 5pm.