Council worker killed in forklift accident at Portimão Arena

Local council laments death of 64-year-old employee

A Portimão council worker who was “just one month away from retirement” died after being run over by a forklift at Portimão Arena on Monday morning.

The 64-year-old man was operating the forklift when he got stuck between a beam and the vehicle, local mayor Isilda Gomes told reporters.

As the tragedy was considered a work accident, the Authority for Workplace Conditions (ACT) was dispatched to the scene, as well as PJ police.

A statement later released by the local council named the victim as Arlindo Carriçal, who worked for the public works and equipment department.

“Having worked for the council since 1985, Mister Arlindo, as he was respectfully called by his colleagues, marked his professional journey with an irreprehensible conduct, recognised for his friendly character and commitment to work, always fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to him,” the statement said.

“With this tragic loss, the municipal team has become poorer,” the council added, sending its condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

By Michael Bruxo