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Council to provide sites for caravans

OVER RECENT years, Tavira Câmara has become increasingly concerned over the growing proliferation of caravans and mobile homes, spread out over various areas of the borough.

However, this isn’t a problem exclusive to Tavira, but the whole of the Algarve region. Despite numerous meetings held between the regional authorities on this theme, no legislation exists to control the situation. Thus, a solution was agreed that alternative sites should be created to accommodate this form of tourism.

The main problem is that the caravans are affecting the appearance of the landscape, with many citizens complaining that they are an eyesore. This led Tavira Câmara to look into setting up proper caravan parks in order to better organise the growing number of mobile homes and provide owners with hygienic conditions, toilets and quality infrastructures.

After analysing various proposals for the location of the parks and resolving legal difficulties with regard to land, the council has found three sites: in Vale Caranguejo, Barranco da Nora and Cabanas. The council hopes that, by creating these new parks, both caravan owners and local residents will be kept happy.