Council makes improvements in Almancil

LOULÉ CÂMARA is carrying out much needed work in various parts of Almancil, aimed at improving the infrastructure, sanitation and accessibility of the town. Almancil serves as an entry point for some of the region’s most important tourist resorts.

In terms of sanitation, there are various projects in the pipeline that will benefit residents in the centre of Almancil. In the important zone of Rua José Vicente de Brito, the water and drainage systems are being extended. The work is being done because of the need to pool together the drains in an area of residential housing, which will improve the drainage of current residual waters. The cost of the work is estimated at 310,000 euros.

Similar work will also be carried out in Rua do Emigrante, in the town centre, at a cost of 190,000 euros. Another project in progress is the first phase in the extension and remodelling of the water and drainage supply lines, on the linkage road from Vale Formoso to Cerro do Gal, at a cost of 96,000 euros.

In São João da Venda, work is in progress to restore Largo de São João da Venda. Works are being implemented to place concrete cobblestone and build calçada pavements, as well as to create extra parking and better drainage for residual rainwaters at a cost of 120,000 euros. Rua Maria da Piedade Mealha (in Vale de Éguas) is also being repaved at a cost of 26,000 euros.