Council and scouts work together to prevent

VILA REAL de Santo António (VRSA) Câmara has recently established an agreement, worth 11,000 euros, with its local scout group, with the objective of creating a mobile security team for the prevention of forest fires in the borough.

The team, comprising of a minimum of five members, will be responsible for a series of tasks, including work to maintain the forests’ infrastructures, security, raising awareness among the local population and communicating warnings, as well as fighting fires in the area if requested by the operational co-ordination centre (under the command of the Bombeiros).

These activities will be practised in the forests of three parishes in the borough, until the end of September, and the team is required to present a monthly report to VRSA Câmara.  The funding awarded by the council is to support the inherent costs of the scouts’ work during the project, namely supporting the costs of the necessary equipment as well as guaranteeing accident insurance cover for the team.