Could out money help you

THE ALGARVEANS’ Experimental Theatre have had yet another successful year and will be telling their members all about it and the many activities they have planned for the forthcoming year at their Annual General Meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, May 2 at 8pm in Mariner’s Bar, Rua Santa Isabel, Portimão.

The well attended pantomime, Dick Turpin, performed in both Lagos and the new auditorium in Lagoa will, once again, allow the group to give a substantial sum of money away to any worthy cause/causes that they feel will further the arts.

Last year’s donation went to the children’s home, O Lar Bom Samaritano, where several children studying music were given their own musical instruments, which enabled them to practise after school when they returned to the home.

This year, The Algarveans invite suggestions from the public as well as the membership on where best to spend the money and these suggestions will be voted on at the AGM.

Please give a brief description of why you feel the cause deserves assistance, full contact details and bear in mind that the beneficiary must further the arts or theatre. Send your suggestions to chairperson Sue Bickerdike either by e-mail to [email protected] or telephone 282 789 608.  

Anyone wishing to join The Algarveans should contact membership secretary Jackie Major at e-mail [email protected] or telephone 282 687 410.

Contributed by Jenny Grainer