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Cost effective pool heating

With the summer months over and the days getting shorter and colder, this is the time when a dip in your swimming pool may be a little bit too refreshing.

Solar Safe Pool Covers have been fitting their unique pool cover design to swimming pools across the Algarve for nine years.

Designed by Peter Read, the cover brings the benefits of free solar heating to your pool which helps to double client’s pool usage season without the need of additional expensive heating.

Manufactured in the Algarve, the cover is made from highly durable, UV stabilised polythene and is supported across the swimming pool by extruded aluminium profiles.

solar gain

A swimming pool’s water temperature is raised by 6-8 ºC, as the pool cover benefits from solar gain throughout the hours of a sunny day and during the night time from the insulating air blanket.

Other benefits include leaves and debris being kept out and water evaporation being dramatically reduced.

The pool cover can easily be removed in approximately two minutes, which means the pool can be used quickly without any fuss.

It is rolled up with a winding gear that can be attached to the end of one of the profiles and the cover can be easily stored away whilst the pool is in use.