Cost-effective government

A “more efficient and less expensive State” is the objective of the government’s “new ruling cycle”, said Minister of Economy, António Pires de Lima, recently appointed to the role of overseeing the country’s economic policies along with Deputy Prime Minister Paulo Portas, both from the CDS-PP coalition party.

Pires de Lima believes companies will find it easier to conduct business, and thus aid economic growth, in a country that is run by a financially efficient government that keeps costs under control.

According to data relating to the second quarter of this year, for the first time in 10 yearly quarters economic recovery has been felt (see last week’s front cover story ‘Good news at last’).

“Portugal recorded the highest growth rate in the European Union. Companies and workers who take risks and create wealth are responsible for these positive results, which will hopefully become more solid in the upcoming quarters,” said the minister.

Referring to business tax incentives, Pires de Lima said he felt confident that the “new phase in the governmental cycle” – following a major political crisis that led to a cabinet reshuffle – would be more advantageous for entrepreneurs, which in turn would help the State become a “more efficient and less expensive machine”.